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Friendship-related events and celebrations

National New Friends, Old Friends Week
May 16-22, 2010

In 1997, Dr. Jan Yager founded National New Friends, Old Friends Week. It begins on the Sunday following the Sunday that Mother's Day is celebrated in the United States and continues through the following Saturday. National New Friends, Old Friends Week is a week to celebrate (and make the time to reconnect with) old friends and new friends. It is also a week to remember how vital friends are-casual, close, and best-for our emotional and physical well-being and even our school, professional, or career success. Friendshifts® is the word coined by Dr. Yager to denote the way our ideas about friendship, and sometimes even who are friends are, may change as we go through the different stages in life. But at every stage, friendship is crucial, for boys, for girls, for men, for women, children, young adults, new mothers, the middle-aged, and especially for those who are older and retired or widowed.

During National New Friends, Old Friends Week in May 1999, the Friendship Cafes at 17 senior centers throughout Virginia highlighted the importance of friendship. The idea of celebrating old and new friends is even spreading beyond the week in May: for example, the director of a camp shared that he used the theme of New Friends, Old Friends throughout the six weeks of camp. For more information on National New Friends, Old Friends Week, as well as to additional examples of how over the years this week and the theme has been celebrated, go to:

Dr. Yager welcomes hearing from you if you're celebrating National New Friends, Old Friends Week with your friends, or through your company or association, or if you're planning to do it next year. Contact Dr. Jan Yager by e-mail: jyager@aol.com or by regular mail: Dr. Jan Yager, P.O. Box 8038, Stamford, Connecticut 06905-8038 USA.

Dr. Yager is the author of four books on friendship including: When Friendship Hurts (Simon & Schuster, Inc., Fireside Books, 2002), Friendshift®: The Power of Friendship and How It Shapes Our Lives (Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., 2nd edition, 1999), and Who's That Sitting at My Desk? Workship, Friendship, or Foe? (Hannacroix Creek Books, Inc., 2004).

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